Christmas in Amsterdam

family photography

Our first Christmas in Amsterdam. Together with friends we I set out to get the Christmas tree and then spent evening decorating the house. All this was perfect setting for warm family photos. I shot this story with vintage Rokkor 50mm f1.7. Focusing is always a challenge with these manual lenses. For me the secret is to relax and let go. I used to delete many shots because they were not perfectly in focus. Once I stopped striving for clinical sharpness and started to embrace the imperfections, it all fell into place.

P. S.

After holidays are over, people from all over Amsterdam bring their christmas trees to Museumplein. This tradition is called Kerstboomverbranding — Christmas tree bonfire. They make a huge pile from their trees and set them on fire. The view is mesmerizing. And warm.

Date24 December 2013
CameraSony A7
LensMinolta Rokkor 50mm f1.7 (manual)
EditAdobe Lightroom, VSCO Film, Adobe Photoshop

I'm Ivan Babko, a UX designer with passion for filmmaking and photography.

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