Hi, I'm Ivan Babko, a UX designer based in Amsterdam. When I'm not designing, I capture the world around me on video and stills.


My obsession with video started back in 1993 when my dad brought a Sony Handicam video camera from abroad. Somehow I was able to get my hands on it despite it being the most expensive piece of electronics in the apartment. First, I became in charge of filming family events and vacations. Then I started producing my own super silly music videos and action films. Soon enough I was doing video work for my school which was pretty cool for a 12 year old.

Filming a school event in 1996.
Notice the headphones – already monitoring sound!

These days I mostly create mini documentaries and event videos. Sometimes I do more abstract personal work that conveys a thought or a feeling. My biggest source of inspiration is music. It often happens that some melody triggers my imagination and inspires sequences of shots in my head.

All of my videos are shot with photo cameras. They are much smaller and cheaper than professional video equipment, but they are capable of producing very cinematic footage. I used Canon 5D Mark II, Panasonic GH3 and GH4, Sony A7x. As for lenses I prefer manual primes because they are light, bright, and also make the image more cinematic. I edit and color grade my videos in Adobe Premiere.


On the photography side, I specialize in lifestyle, family, and travel photography. I love capturing moments in natural conditions and with available light. Just like with videos, I got into photography when I was a kid. My first serious camera was Zenit – a Soviet 35mm film camera.

School trip to London in 1993.
Ruined my teacher's shot of the double-decker.

Today I'm taking photos with Sony A7 and one lens which is Sony 55mm f1.8. It's a dream came true – full frame look produced by compact mirrorless body that can be easily carried around. I manage photos in Lightroom and color grade them with VSCO Film presets.

About this site

This site is an ongoing experiment, a playground where my love for web design blends with passion for photo and video. I built the whole thing myself from scratch with two goals in mind – first, to showcase my photo and video work, and second, to play with modern web design techniques. Below are some technical details.